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Why we do What We do...

Here is Amy's story from Kingsport...

“I came to Seasons of Hope desperate for help in so many ways. We had no food, diapers and I just didn’t have a great outlook in life.  Seasons has change our lives they helped us get through a rough spot with making sure we had food, gas, and we even had toilet paper and new shoes for our kids ! Every month we get diapers through the diaper pantry, and I volunteer to earn more diapers and have learned to give back to my community through this program. Seasons helped us find mental health resources, and other local resources that have helped our family cope with so much going on in our lives. Our oldest is autistic and Katy  has been a resource of information to help us get him more help.  I am pregnant, and instead of judging me for being pregnant. Katy listened to our situation and helped me find maternity clothes, baby items, and even had a business  come help me clean for inspection day at our apartment.  I am so thankful for a organization like Seasons of Hope.”

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