Notes of Thanks from Families


There are not enough words to express the gratitude that my family and myself have for the Seasons of Hope organization. In a time when we struggled to make ends meet, and didn't know what to do, they were there. They have shown us that in a world where it is hard to see good, there us still hope and love. They have blessed us beyond measure. I can never thank Seasons of Hope enough for all they have done for us.


Seasons of Hope has been a blessing to my family. With being disabled and living day to day, Seasons of Hope has made it possible for my children to attend school with school supplies and on the most special day of the year my eyes fill with tears in the excitement of watching my children awaiting with anticipation Santa's arrival with their gifts. Because of Season of Hope my children are able to enjoy Christmas. Something I would not have been able to do. Thank you and God Bless to the special people of Season of Hope. Sincerely, Christine and family.

April E..

Because of you we actually have presents under our tree

The kids were so down & out that their dad is gone and this has

actually cheered them up! Thanks so much for helping us!

If I ever get ahead, I am going to return the favor to you all

and help another family!


Seasons of hope is a wonderful organization that has helped my family in a time of need. I broke my ankle in December of 2015 and have had issues since then. Seasons of hope stepped up to help my family at Christmas of 2015 for my children as well as provided food and a tree. They also helped me out for school clothes in August 2016 because I am not able to work. If it wasn't for seasons of hope my children would not have gotten Christmas or clothes and supplies for school. I appreciate and thank them so much.

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