Helping (and) Offering Personal Empowerment program is for families born into poverty who are mentored and lead to a better life within our two-year program.

The HOPE Program is designed to take families stricken by poverty on a two-year journey into a better life. Along the way, we will work with these families to give them the skills necessary to thrive as well as help them discover their natural talents. 

The program is not a ‘hand out’ but rather a ‘hand up.’ We want to work closely with these families, offering rewards, monthly mentorship meetings, and encouragement, while allowing them to see the harvest of all their hard work. One of the biggest goals is to restore a sense of pride and self-confidence in the parents. While on their journey, we will extend participation to the families in the other programs offered by Seasons of Hope including back to school supplies and holiday assistance.

In order to qualify to be a HOPE family, you must:

  • Be looking to better your life.

  • Willing to meet once a month with HOPE director and mentor.

  • Willing to go to work or college (if not already). 

  • Willing to give back to your community.

  • Willing to learn and participate in opportunities to better your life and situation.

We are not currently accepting applications for the HOPE program.

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Current H.O.P.E. Family Needs are:

Gift cards for gas, or groceries

Anything on the amazon wish list

Self Help, parenting Books 

Go girl budget planners

Anything on the food box list

Toiletries & cleaning supplies

Gift Cards for:

Car washes

hair cuts

oil changes