We want to turn our 2000 followers into founders by September. We will be listing every one who donates $10 or more as a founder on our website and over our fire place in our office.

How to do it?
1. Be A Facebook Follower
2. Donate $10
3. Recruit your friends to be a follower and founder
4. Share!

Followers to Founders

NayNay Domina Cattus

Bonnie Lasher Hilliard

Deanna Hilby Irick

David Campbell

Kathy Nance-Deakins

Christina Morgan

Elisha Davis

Laura Bassham

Mitzi Privette

Candida Norwood

Michael GIllis 

Wendy Graham


Kim Dockery Grayson

Carol Spidle Collins

Regina Ratliff

Dr. Anglea  Shelton

Aaron King

Brian Barker

Nora Haynes

Desiree Tara Alicea-Gambill

Becca K. Davis

SHirlee GOterBarn