1 in 4 Women Have Struggled to Purchase Period Products in the Past Year Due to Lack of Income.

1 in 5 low -income women report missing, work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies.

Your support of Angela's Dignity Closet makes it possible to eliminate humiliation, promote learning and offer hope


What is Angela's Dignity Closet?

Angela's Dignity Closet provides tampons, pads, underwear, and bras to low-income women, and teens. We also provide period packs to local schools. Our Teen Ambassadors deliver the packs to local schools. 

Angela's Dignity Closet is named for Dr. Angela Shelton of Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center. Dr. Shelton was one of our earliest and most generous supporters and was instrumental in raising community awareness of the needs of disadvantaged women and girls in our region. She continues to host fundraisers, speak in the community to generate support, act as a donation collection site, and encourage others to share her goal of "Women Helping Women".Facebook 

Do You Need Help?

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Don't see your School?

We need a Teen Ambassador for it then! 

Email Katy at seasonsofhopetn@gmail.com


What is a Period Pack?

A cute bag with: 

  • 7 pads

  • 7 pantiliners

  • A Piece of Chocolate

  • Some Feminine Wipes

  • A Note of Encouragement 

Period Packs are handed out by School Nurses.