Secret Santa Project 2022

Adoption Guidelines

       Adopting one of our families is a HUGE undertaking, and we could never provide for

so many families without the help of folks like you!!

You can view our families available for adoption by clicking here.

Adopting A Family Means You Provide:

A Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Morning Box



Stocking Goodies

A Blessing Bag

for the Entire Family!
Parents are also asked for a wish. If you can grant their wish - great, but it’s OK if you can’t!

(Most wish for oil changes, new sheets or gas cards, etc.)


 If you can't adopt a family you can adopt a child or teen. You can find our children and teens available for adoption on one of our trees located at Starbucks (Roan St. across from JC Mall and ETSU) or Edify Salon.

Adopting A Child Means You Provide:

1 to 2 Outfits (If you purchase more than 3 we will share with other children)

1 to 2 new Pajamas, a bag of socks, underwear, new shoes, and coat.

(these are optional but most requested items)

Grant at least 1 of their Christmas Wishes

Toiletries, candy, lots of fun stuff for their stocking

Adopting A Teen Means You Provide:

A gift card for clothing

A gift basket, shoe box or stocking with toiletries, makeup, bra, panties, etc . 

We ask you to grant 1 wish or need, or both if you like.

Please don’t wrap your gifts, if you'd like to remove tags that is super helpful. However, you can donate wrapping paper, gift bags or Santa Sacks for the gifts if you like. 

We have discovered that some folks get excited and carried away when shopping for their families. So, if you do go a little overboard, we might share some of the bounty with other children who didn't get adopted. Or we can give you another child or family if you like. We will keep your family’s gifts together for your family if you don’t go over the guideline limits.

Again, THANK YOU!!! We are so pleased to help so many families celebrate Christmas!

seasons of hope
seasons of hope
seasons of hope